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Welcome to Lobay, for those of you who are new to the search tool let me tell you a bit about it, our unique search was created a couple of years ago by 2 ebay fanatics, ebay power sellers and bargain hunters. It was originally used just by ourselves to find collection only bargains in our own local areas.

The tool works on the basis that most people list auctions on ebay with a low starting price expecting there to be a huge audience, however when items are listed for local pick up or collection only then the sellers market is drastically reduced to buyers in the area who have transport. Our tool takes advantage of this and some of the local bargains that have been found are at amazing low prices!

The search tool was then introduced to members of our ebay community forum (powersellersforum.com), our members were amazed at some of the local bargains that could be found right across the UK! Shortly after word spread around and the money saving guru 'martin lewis' heard about our tool and recommended us on national television and on his massively popular money saving forum.

The local bargain finder search grew from strength to strength and had tens of thousands of regular users who were bargain hunting daily in every area of the country.

Today our local bargain finder tool is now known as LoBay, the tool is even more effective than the original and finds more items than any other imitation bargain finder tools out there.

Simply enter your postcode and click search, our simple yet very effective tool will then search your local area for all items that sellers aren't willing to post!

You will be amazed at some of the things that people sell, some thing you didn't realise you even needed but for the mega low prices you can't refuse! Some say that it's like carbooting from your pc!

Some of the items that sell for silly prices from just 1p are things like fridges, suites, washing machines, dining tables, fish tanks, garden furniture, gym equipment, beds, wardrobes, PC's, full collections of dvds and music and many many more bulky or hard to post items.

Some of the best bargains to date are... A complete conservatory sold for £37, a 20ft garage complete with door sold for £24, washing machines for less than a tenner, many full 3 piece leather suites have sold for less than £50 and we've even seen full fitted kitchens sell for just a few quid! You will find new bargains every single day on Lobay UK...

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